Mystery Easter Egg
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Mystery Easter Egg

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Our Mystery Easter Eggs will be available for the entire month of April! Each plastic Easter egg comes with two loose products (loose eyeshadow, loose glitter, or loose chunky glitter) and one pressed eyeshadow OR one loose product (loose eyeshadow, loose glitter, or loose chunky glitter and two pressed eyeshadows). Plus, each bag comes with a $5.00 coupon code off of your next order over $25.00.

Retail value of the products included will be at least $18.00, but can vary up to $31.00, depending on the contents of your Mystery Easter Egg!

Discount codes cannot be used on Mystery Easter Eggs due to the already discounted nature of the product.

Special requests cannot be honored.

The Dexter Collection will not be a part of the Mystery Easter Eggs this year.

Mystery Easter Eggs will return next year for April 2024 as well!

Also, please be sure to check the ingredients section after your bag arrives so you know which products are eye safe, lip safe, etc.

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